Distinguished Members

The following Distinguished Chapter members of the Georgia Chapter have worked diligently, giving of themselves and their time to help promote the Georgia Chapter’s goals:

Roy H, Keck, FACI
Eugene H. Boeke, P.E., HMACI*
Tobias J. Branson
Danny R. Brown, P.E.*
T.Z. Chastain, P.E., HMACI*
Donald E. Dixon, P.E., FACI
Melvyn A. Galinat, FACI*
Kenneth S. Harmon, P.E.
Dr. Lawrence Kahn, P.E., FACI
Donald E. Lathrup, FACI*
Nicholas F. Maloof, FACI*
Lagrit F. "Sam" Morris, FACI*
Virgil D. Skipper, Posthumously*
Jeffrey F. Speck, P.E., FACI
Debra D. Wilson
Wayne M. Wilson, P.E., LEED AP